All day all years, thousand memories and moments I have made together with my family. Thousand of obstacles we put down together, barrel of laughs we snicker at, and uncountable happiness we undergo. It’s all just not enough to be described. You know yourself how to say I LOVE my family so much, but I bet that it’s difficult for you to describe it on words or how you deliver it to other people. I think finding those words are problematic because it’s hard to find which proper words describe our affection to our family.

I thanked God for blessing me such a beautiful life along with adorable and superb family. I can’t live my life if there’s no such a wonderful family who supports and gives full affection to me. So, what I’m going to talk about now is about how we dealt with problems and challenges which is given by God to us. How we spend time all over the day even we know there’s a big problem follows us.

I know being an unlucky person is very uncomfortable and it makes us jelly to those who are luckier. My parent starts a life from a goose egg. It is clearly makes us go through the day with every limitations we have. God may have created us to be a fighter. We should fight against problems and situations that are obviously troublesome. But we think that everybody feels the same. We as a human being are born to fight in the world. We are born to overwhelm problems in this real world because God has something best for us later.

Start with my story of life. I would be such a bother for others if I keep grumbling my endless problem of life. I found the best way to overcome it. I have to be a grateful person. The more I grateful to God, the more surprising gift God will give me. You may don’t know how big problems that I have to face along my life. Less-money, study problems, friends, love, and the other stuffs which are generally also happening to other folks. But there’s a difference between us. My family has to carry out life with our wealth limitations. You know yourself what impacts do it make. A limited facility of life is one of the biggest impacts. Economy disorder is what the most people are concerning on.


I lived through all those suffering days. Does it make me into a very persistent person? Not at all. I’m still trying to be the most persistent among others due to my life background. Everyone has that reason to be motivated and run their life as good as possible. I’ll tell you what’s so potential from us to inspire other.

Firstly, my parent is not handling any bachelor degree. I know that it sounds strange to you and you can sneeringly say something about me. Although they’re not a bachelor, but they are fabulous person I’ve ever have. My parent thrives on hardwork everyday just to make a living for us, for their beloved family. My parent has a principle to make such wonderful descendants just like the other parent does.  My parent dares to take whatever the risk to make us (children) have a brighter future than theirs. It’s a mistake if we don’t take this as a serious life purpose. We can’t just being relax and waiting for a miracle to happen for us. We urged to work as possible as we can. That’s one of the point my parent taught us everyday.

Second, my sister is a wonder-woman. Don’t you wonder how can it be? Yeah! My sister – especially my older sister – tries to fulfill all her necessaries by her own sacrifices. I don’t mean to brag or say something bad about my sister ability, but she wrote on her diary book that she realizes her achievement of school. (I unintentionally read her diary book when I did my chores) My sister wrote “I may not as smart as my younger sisters, but I have bigger motivation and responsibility to handle them for helping their future”. What do you think? My sister is always being the winner for me for giving special positive vibes and inspiration. Such a wonderful and superb sister, isn’t she? Everybody has that one special point of theirselves. What makes me fall in love deeper and deeper to my sister is, she always gives me a tip gradually when it comes to her payday. Oh, I missed a thing! My sister is doing a great job! She can manage her time very well. She can manage her time for studying, attending lecture, and making money. She goes almost 25-30 km everyday just to make her dream comes true. She wants to make money whatever it takes because she doesn’t want to nuisance my parent. I can take this as a step I strongly recommended to take in the future after I graduate from my high school. Hey but don’t take her easy. She’s on the half way of her success progress. She got cumlaude every semester on her college. Just pray for her that she could get a cumlaude pride in the graduation day next year.


I’m thinking of make inspirational stories starting from my family. That could be starting from my dad, mom, sister, and people around me. What do you think? I guess it’s a best solution to make my hobby alive. Well, I think that’s all from now. See ya in next post!

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