Night-Owl Girl

I can’t figure out why my eyes still open at the middle of the night. Even though I’m doing nothing to things. At the middle of the night just like this one, I used to write all my feels into words. I don’t know where am I supposed to share it. I feel like when I don’t share it, it’d be a strange feeling on me. So, I used to share it on twitter.

I know that at these times, there are minimum people who still stay awake. I make these time as a chance to shout what I wanna shout through words. About my sadness, love story, my grateful, and all things that have gone out in a day. I infer it to some words that are really representing who am I.

About love story. I used to remember all my love story at these times. I remember my old scars, I remember my crush, and thinking about what I should’ve done at that times to make a better or worse love story. I write words for my old crush. I thank him, or I regret that I’ve ever seen him, or anything else pertain  him and what he had done.

I also think about my life. About my family. I used to state that I miss my dad. I regret that I can’t stay awake with my dad because he’s miles away from me. I wonder why. I want dad to be here with me. Get together with my whole family. But he gets his jobs done. Those things still make me to be a grateful one. I’m still grateful that at times, I still can see my dad’s old face. I still able to spend time with him even for 2 days at least.

Okay, I still have long story to tell. But writing a mass of words through my small cellphone isn’t enjoyable. Cherio!


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