Before I jump into my points, first, lemme give you a greeting. It has been a long time for me stop writing something even posting something to this blogsite. So, wassup fellas? Alhamdulillah, I’m good a whole time. It means that Allah SWT still gives me million chances to be a better person.

so, at this opportunity.. I’d like to display a pic about #islamicquotes that I think it’s plenty useful to remind us about what’s muslimah has to do as a Moslem.

Buddy, have you ever felt like you’re really can do nothing in this world anymore and you’re really hopeless. BUT, even you’re hopeless DON’T BE FAITHLESS. this is the pic:


you know what does it mean, buddy! when you have nothing to be hoped, at least.. you have to think positive about your future or what you’re worrying about. Allah SWT has the best plans for you. REMEMBER IT! PRAY GOOD, HOPE WELL, THINK POSITIVE.

I know it is too mainstream for me to post it. Because, there must be so many similar pictures spreading around. but, scroll up and see my bio. I think, I write, and then I post. this is what I thinking about RIGHT NOW.

so let’s think postive, gurls 🙂 stay istiqomah. goodbyeeee!! 🙂


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