How to gain a GREAT holiday

main_great_holiday1Holiday is one of facility given by many schools for the students to get relax after finishing so many exhausting routines and duties. Then, people usually get in high spirits to find some picnic spots to visit. But, there are also so many students who don’t have chance to go to such a place (like me). Then, they decided to relax at home whatever is going on and stay monotonous at home. What are the best answers for their problems?
  1. Holiday is a chance for us to gain some money. Though students don’t have pocket money, but with the days-off they got, you can utilize their time off to earn their own money. For example, students who like writing (like me). They can make many articles and they sell it to the site which needs articles. Briefly, just find some activities that can bring about money for you. Other examples such as being a promoter of some online shops, work at the phone counter or other workspace that you think the job is easy for you.
  2. Instead of sleeping and finding no doings, you better go to the local library to read or find some additional information or education. Reading some books at your own room is also another option for you. If you don’t have enough money to buy books at the bookstore, going to the local library is the easiest and cheapest way to
  3. We often have no adequate time for decorating or tidying our room. We need new atmosphere at our own room. Moreover, it’s going to be New Year. We need new atmosphere, we need new changes of our life. So, start it with your nearby environment. 2 weeks holiday (for instance) is an abundant time for decorating your room. You can express your feelings, your creativity, and so many skills of decorating. You’ll get uncountable gratify after you decorate your room with your own way and creativity.
  4. Free time, fresh mind, and relax time. That’s what holiday looks like. At this point of view, I am as a Moslem recommends you to memorize some verses of Al-Qur’an. Instead of workdays, holiday gives you more time and fresh mind because you’re unbound with those school stuffs. With the fresh mind, you can easily memorize the verses of Al Qur’an. Don’t make your leisure time is wasted for impermanent happiness. Memorizing Al Qur’an is very valued, worshipped, adored by our only God, Allah SWT.
  5. This is the main part of my initiatives. Holiday is a golden time for you to gain your target. I mean, you who have problem with weight, and you can weigh up or weigh down yourself. Especially they who are thin (like me) and eager to get fatter, holiday is a special chance to weigh up yourself. You can chase that weight target.
I think that’s clear enough for helping those people who get concerned how to spend their holiday if there are no chances to go picnic or having a trip. Let’s make a positive and helpful holiday for our better life. Let’s try to not to be lazy even holiday is full of spare time to laze around.have_a_good_holiday___amano_by_nee_jaku-d45yew0
Additional: you can go somewhere for a day or more. For example going to the nearby crowded or popular spot to get pleased and really feel that “This is my holiday’. But remember! Think of your next days. I suggested you to go to somewhere that doesn’t spend much money. You better save that money for your upcoming needs.

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