Heya, pals!! 🙂

Before studying, I want to tell you about my biggest problem I got nowadays. I’m in quandary because of so many things. I’m concerned about my organization. I followed an organization called S—T. I was so ambitious to follow that org. But days went on, and I started feeling so uncomfortable because of my mates. I don’t blame my org. mates,  but I feel like my order place ain’t in that org.

I’m really trustworthy right now to say this. Because I think they can’t understand me everytime I got cases. And I trust by writing this, I’ll feel the difference. They really don’t get savvy and keep blaming on me. I admitted that I’m in the wrong place, but it was the time for me to try  involving myself on an org. However, it was my first fault to follow that organization, I guess.

I got so many problems from my family. I got so many pressures from them. They force me to get out of the org. I am in. But it was difficult to do. My heart says that I have to leave the org because I think that I can’t adapt on it’s environment.

Oneday, when my family obtained so many obstacles. I couldn’t pursue the org. activities. Besides, my parent prohibits me recently to follow all of the activities held by the org. I really confused now. I can’t leave my family just owing to following an org that I’m uncomfortable with. Lemme tell you a reason stuck in my mind for why am I avoiding the org.

My grandpapa and my grandmama lives with my family. It was the shocking time to know that my grandpapa took a breath for the very last time right in front of my eyes. He was OK before, I meant that he wasn’t ill and he was quite looked healthy. When my grandpapa passed away, one of my org. mate told me to pursue an activity held that day. I said I can’t down to my deep sorrow. I couldn’t believe that my beloved grandpapa would leave me in such a fast way. I thought that my mate could understand me, but they couldn’t. They say I had to move on.

One thing I didn’t told you, mates! I was searching of hearts due to I prefer followed a meeting that y’all force me to do than bought my grandpapa a medicine. I lost so many valuable times I could spend with my grandpapa before he died. I’m feeling so sorry till now. I realized how foolish and ridiculous I was. It was the most valuable time!! I could say this to my organization’s mates but I bet that they won’t understand me and tease me that I falsified my reason. They thought it was just a reason for me to exit from the organization. YOU KNOW WHAT? It was the most PRECIOUS thing I could prefer to. From that thing, I thought that IT’S THE BEST WAY TO STOP FOLLOWING THIS ORGANIZATION AND STARTING MY DAILY LIFE OVER. I feel like I’m so depressed and stressed now.

By writing all of this right here, I still can think that my mates won’t recognize this because my blog they don’t know this blog. But, please! Somebody anneals me, please! I’m lack of motivation right now and I need it now.


Thanks for reading this, and if you have a better way to solve my problem, or else having a good vibe to share with me, just share it! I need y’all, my dear pals! 🙂


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